About The Garlingers

Conductor with Ergonomic Conducting Batons

Adam went to school for Music Education at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. He is a co-conductor for the Mount Vernon Community Band in Ohio, as well as a member of the saxophone section. He is very active in music making, and participates in as many ensembles as he can. 

Adam started woodworking at a very young age, often spending countless hours in the garage with his grandpa (Pops.)  He started woodturning with Pops when he was approximately 10 and immediately became obsessed. When Pops passed away, Adam was given his lathe. He now uses his inherited lathe to create each baton that is for sale. Each baton is incredibly special to Adam because each baton reminds him of his grandpa, and it is his goal to make artwork that would make Pops proud.

Adam's love of music and woodworking come together to ensure that each baton is not only beautiful, but precisely balanced, well made, and as unique as the individual holding it. 



Kelly  graduated from Western Governor's University with a degree in Elementary Education. She is a flute player and a part of the Mount Vernon Community Band. Kelly has dedicated many hours to different crafts, including clay, sewing, and crochet. Anything sewn on the site has come from her personal sewing machine that she got from her mom. When she is not busy with her children, she is usually busy with her animals or making ridiculous Tik Tok videos...

Kelly got her start crafting when she was very young under the guide of her mother. Kelly's mom has always been supportive of the many directions that she has pursued, even when they seemed wild and crazy. Sewing has been a passion of hers since she was small, and to be able to sew for others for a living is a literal dream come true.