Custom Conducting Baton Cases

The main motivation behind Garlinger Batons has always been to bring color and personality into the hands of conductors everywhere. But we also believe that you shouldn't be forced to hide your beautiful conducting batons inside of a boring black case. Instead, contact us (it's Kelly and Adam, by the way!) and let us know how we can personalize your case!

White Marble Conducting Baton Case

Here's How Customizing Your Case Will Work:

Fill out the form below! If you are planning on also ordering a custom baton, you can fill out two separate forms OR copy and paste the questions into the same box. 

To get started on your case as soon as possible, please fill out as much information as possible! The best way to get started quickly is to copy and paste this list below of your preferences (make sure you fill in what you would like!):

  • Outside case color - This will be made with vegan leather (choose from: black, light grey, brown, or ask about other on-hand colors):  
  • Inside case color or pattern (this can include licensed character fabric such Space Wizards and Animated Mouse OR something patterned like a floral or plaid):
  • Snap colors (choose from: gold, antique brass, black oxide, purple rainbow):
  • Any other preferences: 

To help you get your custom conducting baton case even sooner, please fill in as much information as possible.

We typically use email, but if you would prefer to use SMS text messaging or another platform, please let us know in the contact box below. If given the option, Instagram DM works better for us than Facebook Messenger. (WE VALUE PRIVACY, SO YOUR NUMBER WILL REMAIN SECURE AND WILL NEVER BE RELEASED TO ANYONE OR ANY OTHER ENTITY)


Little Mermaid Inspired Conducting Baton Case

Once the design has been finalized, you will receive an invoice for the custom order via email, so please check ALL inboxes! You will be able to click on a link in the email that will take you directly to your cart where you can pay however you like (for example, we accept Paypal).

Custom order baton case prices will vary by design, but are typically $78 - $88. 
Once your payment has been processed, we will order any needed supplies. Since we love to create for our customers, work on your custom baton case will begin as soon as we have all of our materials! Please feel free to email us with any questions that you may have by using the box below. 

Asian Crane Custom Conducting Baton Case

Custom conducting baton cases will take approximately one - two weeks to make, plus additional time for shipping. This timing can vary depending on our workload or if we need to order your fabric. Please plan accordingly if you are ordering ahead for a particular concert or gifting day.

**We will not accept any design changes once work on the custom order has begun.