Custom Order Batons

At Garlinger Batons, we are passionate about putting unique conducting batons in the hands of conductors all around the world!

Adam, the Master Craftsman behind Garlinger Batons, loves to experiment with different colors and handle shapes in his workshop (you can read our story here). Because of the one of a kind nature of our conducting batons, we understand that we may not have your perfect baton- yet! 

Galaxy Custom Conducting BatonCustom Rainbow Conducting Baton In A Case

Chat with Adam and Kelly today to start building your custom baton!

If you need some inspiration, check out our current selection of batons or scroll through our Gallery of SOLD Batons. Giving as much information as possible is key to getting your baton as quickly as we can! In the message section below, please add the following information:


  • Desired total length of the baton OR Forearm length (from mid palm to the crook of your elbow)  
  • Choose a fiberglass (white) or natural wood shaft
  • Desired handle color(s)
  • Desired handle shape (Ergonomic, Pear, Traditional, Squid, Dooku, Spindle)

To help you get your custom conducting baton even sooner, please fill in as much information as possible!

Please note: we cannot engrave on the baton handle or shaft

We typically use email to discuss details, but if you would prefer to use SMS text messaging or another platform, please let us know in the contact box below. If given the choice, Instagram DM is much easier for us to use than Facebook! (WE VALUE PRIVACY, SO YOUR NUMBER WILL REMAIN SECURE AND WILL NEVER BE RELEASED TO ANYONE OR ANY OTHER ENTITY)


Custom Order Conducting BatonsCustom Order Acrylic BatonsCustom Acrylic Conducting Batons

Once the design has been finalized, you will receive an invoice for the custom order via email. Please check alternative inboxes! Custom order baton prices will vary by design, but are typically $65 - 70. Once your payment has been processed, we will order any needed supplies. Since we love to create for our customers, work on your custom baton will begin as soon as we have all of our materials! Please feel free to email us with any questions that you may have by using the box below. 

Custom conducting batons will take approximately one - two weeks to make, plus additional time for shipping. These times may vary depending on our work load. Please plan accordingly if you are ordering ahead for a particular concert or gifting occasion.

We will not accept any design changes once work on the custom order has begun.