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Garlinger Batons

Femme Conductor & Treble Transforming Baton Stand

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Adam is constantly playing around in his 3D modeling software, and this time around, he created amazing transforming baton stands! From one angle, you can see a femme presenting conductor and their baton. From another, you can see a treble clef!

Some pieces of this model are thin and therefore delicate. Please take care when handling your new treasure!

Color distribution may vary as every stand is printed individually!


In order to prevent waste, we will be running pre-orders for transforming baton stands! They will only be open a limited time, so please make sure to get your order in before orders close. An announcement will be made when orders are open again!


Stands will ship out in the order that they are printed. Turn around time is estimated to be 7-10 days from the close of pre-orders, and no longer than 30 days after the order has been placed.

Return policy

Stands are available for return in original condition, no longer than 60 days past purchase. If there are any issues that have occurred in shipping, please reach out so we may deal with issues on a case by case basis.