Baton Style Quiz

Find The Baton Shape That Matches Your Personality!

What is your ideal baton shape? Baton style quiz


Garlinger Batons offers four baton types of batons:

  1. ErgonomicShapely and curved, Ergonomic Batons are molded to your hand with multiple points for finger placement. Choose an ergonomic conducting baton if you are looking for a baton that will mold to your hand as though it has always been there. This shape will conform to you rather than asking that you conform to it.
  2. PearThe Pear Conducting Baton is skinny at the handle with a round ball at the end. This shape is best suited for conductors who prefer the bulk of the weight of the handle in their palm.
  3. TraditionalIt's the shape that you know and love! Our Traditional conducting baton shape is smooth as it transitions from the shaft to the end of the handle. This shape can suit any grip, while also giving room to showcase the beautiful color of the handle.
  4. Chamber LengthChamber Length Batons are shorter in length than others, usually under 12 inches long. These batons are optimized for smaller ensembles, tighter spaces, or rehearsals. 

Deciding which baton handle shape to choose can be difficult without being able to hold it in your hand. To help make the process less arduous, we have developed a quiz to match a handle shape to your personality and grip style. Take the quiz here!

After you have your results, shop your style or explore our other options!