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Garlinger Batons

Stand Buddies- Thin Stand

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Finally, a safe and convenient way to keep your baton and pencil easily accessible and ready at a moments notice. Your stand will never feel lonely again!

Our stand buddies come in two sizes and two styles. They are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00.

Our Thin Stand Buddies are for metal stands without a rolled over bottom lip. The clasp firmly attaches to the bottom lip of the table and can be slid to a convenient location.Β 

Our Thick Stand Buddies are for thicker stands, such as plexiglass, plastic, or rolled over metal stands.Β 

The two styles that are available in both sizes are a drop in version, and a slide in version. The drop in version is solid, and will not allow the baton to go out the side. The slide in version has a slot on the side so you can slip in from the side. NOTE: if you have a thicker baton shaft, the slide in Buddy may work best for your baton!

All buddies have a pencil clip that clips onto a Garlinger Batons pencil, and even other pencils that we have tried work well.

One review we received during our testing was- "I got a stand buddy at TMEA, and I love it a ton! It encourages me to actually use my baton more, works great, and is super convenient."- Carissa E.


We love colors!! Since all Stand Buddies are 3D printed in house, we will have a variety of colors available. If you do not see a color you like, send us a message!


Stand Buddies will ship either in a bubble mailer or in the largest package that your total purchase will need.

Return policy

Stand Buddies are available for return in original condition, no longer than 60 days past purchase. If there are any issues that have occurred in shipping, please reach out so we may deal with issues on a case by case basis.